1-6 September 2007 Gdansk-Jelitkowo and Hel Peninsula, Poland | Now is: Sunday 31st May  
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The Conference Picture

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The Conference will be held in Gdansk, Poland, on 1st till 6th September2007. The Conference's aim is to provide an opportunity for the meeting of scientists and technologists working on novel functional and nanostructured materials.

The conference programme will cover experimental investigations, theory and modelling of:

  • Photonic and optoelectronic materials,
  • Magnetic materials,
  • Catalytic materials,
  • Nanoparticle materials,
  • Auxetic materials and models,
  • Thin and thick films,
  • Organic, hybrid and composite materials,
  • Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS): technology and applications,
  • Physics and technology of nanostructured semiconductors and superconductors,
  • Physics and technology of carbon nanotubes and carbon-based materials,
  • Industrial applications of nanotechnology,

The Conference is envisaged to include a Round Table Meeting of the members of the Polish National Nanomechanics Consortium and representatives of research institutes and industrial companies interested in joining the Consortium. The meeting's is intended to promote cooperation and preparation of cooperative projects, as well as applications for their funding at the national and international levels. The meetings will involve industrial partners in directing research towards major practical problems in applications of advanced innovative technologies and facilitating industrial applications of research results.

Gdansk, where the Conference will be held, is a city of more than half a million inhabitants, a strong economic, scientific and cultural centre locatedin the north of Poland, at the Baltic Sea (http://www.gdansk.pl/en/). With over a thousand years of history and its Hanseatic tradition, the city has always played a major role in the commercial relationships between the Northern and Western Europe on the one hand and the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe on the other. It is also the cradle of "Solidarity", Eastern Europe's first Independent Trade Union which triggered the historical changes in this part of the Continent in 1980.

The Hel Peninsula, where the Round Table discussions and industrial presentations of 5 and 6 September are to be held, is a thin strip of scenic land, 34 km long and about 2 km wide, closing the Bay of Gdansk. It offers beatiful beaches, promenades and splendid view of the Bay and the open sea. Its ambiance will be ideal for informal meetings and discussions.

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